2018 in Games

Buckle up, kids. We’re going to take a look at some of the games I played last 2018!

Filipino Speculative Fiction Starter 3

It’s MIBF week! Before you finalize that “Pinoy books to buy” list, here are some more titles that you surely wouldn’t wanna miss.>

Filipino Speculative Fiction Starter Part 2

Here’s the promised second installment of Philippine speculative fiction recommendations. This time, we’ll walk you through anthologies created by one of the best contemporary writers of Philippine literature, Dean Francis Alfar.

This is How We Want Our Fantaseryes to be: Lessons from Magic Temple

Peque Gallaga’s Magic Temple (1996) has a lot to teach today’s fantaserye screenwriters and TV directors – especially Bagani’s creators.

Filipino Speculative Fiction Starter Part 1

A tweet by Neil Gaiman has suddenly nudged a spotlight on Philippine mythology and speculative fiction. So in case you’re still looking for titles to add to your Filipino spec-fic collection, allow us to help!

For this first installment of recommendations, let us introduce you to the works of award-winning Filipino fictionist Eliza Victoria.

Wan, Tu, Tri: The Pinoy’s Relationship with Language

Scribbler Ia rambles about Condé Nast Traveler, Filipino pride, and our collective shenanigans with language.

Five Skin Care Tips You Should Always Do

Glass skin, anyone?

5 Staycation Spots in Manila with Swimming Pools

Bookmark this for reference!