7 New Deadly Sins of Our Time

"Here's a pop quiz: name the seven deadly sins. Come on, you saw that Brad Pitt movie. Lust. Yeah, well, everybody gets that one. Gluttony, sure. Greed, yeah. Envy, sloth, anger, or to be a little more technical, wrath. What else? What else? Let me put it this way: if...

Women in Language: Words and Phrases

Language is necessary in communication. (Most of the time.) Though some would argue about how language leans toward masculinity (read: history, chairman), some words and phrases still celebrate how it is to be feminine.

Bags of Hope: How an Organization Frees Women One Bag at a Time

No one identifies with the damsel in distress narrative anymore, am I right?
Well, we all hope so. But some women continue to live the old tale, and their stories are far from magical.

Mamayani, a Review

March is Women’s Month and our editor brought this game to my attention so today, we’re going to talk about this teeny Filipino-made game, Mamayani:Act I.

Being the Stubborn Daughter of a Stubborn Woman

But I keep her tenderness close to me. I have a special space in my heart for the moments when our guardedness slip off—when we reveal ourselves to each other as people.

The Psychology of Love

Psychologist Robert Sternberg theorized that love is a triangle with three components: intimacy, passion, and commitment.

That’s Not Good

Social media has revolutionized the world in ways that were inconceivable decades ago. Regrettably, not always in a good way.

Confessions of an (Old) Admirer

It started when I was in elementary school. I dreamed of going to the land of anime and tsundere boys. It was a long journey, but I got there.

Tips for Torpe Guys

We asked RareJob PH sweethearts for their opinion in crucial matters in establishing relationships, and formulated tips for the guys who need them the most—torpes.

Five Valentine Gift Ideas (that aren’t flowers or chocolates)

Do you really wanna give your special someone the same old high-calorie sweet, or the usual bouquet of flowers that won’t last for more than a week?

TV, Fandom, and Shipping

All aboard, kids. For February, we’re talking fandom, shipping, and Elementary.

Why and How to be Thankful

This article discusses some benefits of gratitude—from an unlikely source—and how we can integrate it in our lives.

5MinuteBreakers | Episode 1: 2018 FAVORITES

2018 was filled with unbelievable moments and these are the things that made it to the list of favorites!

7 Ways of Coping With Change

No matter how much we want to avoid it, change is part and parcel of living. Here are a few ways for creatures of habit to navigate ever-shifting waters.

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Love, what makes a princess is her heart. Brave, but gentle. Ambitious, but humble. Just, but compassionate.

4 | 24

Love, what makes a princess is her heart. Brave, but gentle. Ambitious, but humble. Just, but compassionate.