3 Time Management Methods for Desk Job Workers

We all have 24 hours in one day. But why do some people get more things done than others? Here are three time management methods you can use to make the most out of your 24 hours.

Tutors Celebrated Fun Day in Benguet with a Swimming Party

Yup. A swimming party in Benguet. Well, why not? We at RareJob are always down with almost anything so if they wish for a swimming party, then swimming party it is.

RareJob Holds ‘The Premium Experience’ Workshop in Cebu

Take a peek at the highlights of the event as tutors from Visayas gathered in Cebu City for RareJob’s The Premium Experience workshop.

Filipino Speculative Fiction Starter 3

It’s MIBF week! Before you finalize that “Pinoy books to buy” list, here are some more titles that you surely wouldn’t wanna miss.>

10 Self-defense Tips for Office Employees

These self-defense tips are like self-defense training in the sense that they are meant to help you if you find yourself in that situation. And, like self-defense training, they will only help you if you have the will to apply them.

Differences Between Your First and Second Pregnancies

No two pregnancies are the same.

Filipino Speculative Fiction Starter Part 2

Here’s the promised second installment of Philippine speculative fiction recommendations. This time, we’ll walk you through anthologies created by one of the best contemporary writers of Philippine literature, Dean Francis Alfar.

This is How We Want Our Fantaseryes to be: Lessons from Magic Temple

Peque Gallaga’s Magic Temple (1996) has a lot to teach today’s fantaserye screenwriters and TV directors – especially Bagani’s creators.